Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Updated info from IBO

Job vacancies in the IBO

The IBO has a number of staff vacancies in its regional offices around the world.
1. Diploma Programme associate regional manager (based in Singapore)The Diploma Programme associate regional manager, in conjunction with the Diploma Programme regional manager, advises, facilitates, supports and informs the development and expansion of the Diploma Programme in the Asia-Pacific region (IBAP).

2. Teacher education and projects manager (based in Singapore)The teacher education and projects manager reports to the regional director and is responsible for facilitating the implementation of many aspects of the regional strategic plan in the Asia-Pacific region (IBAP).

3. Middle Years Programme associate regional managerTwo-year contract, based in Geneva, SwitzerlandContract starts on 1 August 2005
In support of the Middle Years Programme regional manager, the Middle Years Programme associate regional manager advises, facilitates, supports and informs the development and expansion of the Middle Years Programme in schools throughout the Africa, Europe and Middle East region (IBAEM).

Read more on the IBO public web site (http://occ.ibo.org/)

New web server and address for the OCC

The OCC has recently moved to a new web server. The new server is significantly faster than its predecessor and can perform more effectively in periods of high demand, enabling more users to access the site at any one time.The OCC has also changed its web address to http://occ.ibo.org and this will be used on all future correspondence with schools. The old address (http://online.ibo.org) will continue to function until December 2005.

IB Tsunami appeal

The IBO is responding to the catastrophe in Asia by launching the IB Tsunami appeal to raise funds to support community reconstruction projects undertaken by IB world schools in the affected areas.
We have the opportunity to use our schools’ local knowledge and their experience of community service (through CAS and other activities) to identify and support suitable projects. Some schools have already taken their own initiatives in responding to the disaster.
The IB Fund, which was established with tax-exempt status last year, will be used as the vehicle for making donations. We have an ambitious target of $US 2 million. Already large numbers of schools and individuals associated with the IBO have been asking how they can help.
Further information about the IB Tsunami appeal, including practical details of how to make donations, will appear on this web site before the end of Friday 7 January 2005.

Please check other news on the IBO website. Have a nice day!

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