Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Parents Comments, I'm proud of you all!!

During the break when we had parents seminar last saturday, I met some parents giving their comments about the school. This father asked me whether we have difficulties with his son since in his previous school he did some troubles, then I replied that according to our meeting with homeroom teachers none of the teachers mention his son. I'm glad that his son is not making any troubles in our school.. :) praise God!let's all make sure this will continue.. ;)

then soon after that, this couple came to me with smiles on their faces.. hmm.. hope it's good news again! :) they bombarded me with compliments and praise to God to the fact that they sent their son to Cita Hati. They always surprise to see how God through teachers can touch their son's heart and change his life. I am amazed and proud to be your principal guys. I believe all these stories are something that we've been waiting for.. right? this is the reason why we are here!! speak lives to your students! touch their lives! have faith in them and you will see them change for the Glory of The Lord! May His Favor always upon you all!!