Wednesday, August 10, 2005

School Aims and Objectives

As the foundation set the school focus for this year, be excellent, we think we should come up with aims and goals that support that focus. We also believe that as a new school we need to have spirit of excellence to accelerate and foster our performance in order to reach the vision and mission of the foundation. It is indeed a long process to get there and only by the God’s grace and our faith we believe we will reach our goals for the glory of the Lord.

Moreover, according to that perspective we set our aims and objectives for the next academic year 2005 – 2006 base on these 3 main categories:
a. Character – We are longing to have students with Godly strong characters and significantly improved theirs during their school year. This year we focus on these character: Responsibility, discipline, politeness, caring

b. Faith – We want to see all students understand that they are precious in God’s view and Jesus died for them

c. Knowledge – We set our students master in learning is 60% in every subjects and increasing their reading habit, critical thinking and research skills

To sum up, we realize this year will be a challenge for high school to do better, trying harder and be excellent

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